Hello! I’m Jason, the dynamo behind the intriguing world of Old Dirty Boston and a pioneering breathwork coach dedicated to physical and mental wellness. With one foot in the vibrant history of Boston's streets and the other in the progressive field of mental health and productivity, I stand at the crossroads of past and present, tradition and innovation.

What I Do:
- 📸 Lead Old Dirty Boston, a platform celebrating the untold stories and rich culture of Boston, capturing its essence through captivating content and narratives.
- 🧘‍♂️ Offer specialized corporate training programs focusing on breathwork techniques designed to enhance mental health, motivation, stress reduction, and overall productivity in the workplace.
- 🌉 Bridge the gap between historical appreciation and modern wellness practices, demonstrating how understanding our past can influence a healthier, more productive present.
- 💼 Collaborate with organizations to cultivate environments where employees thrive, combining storytelling with wellness to inspire, engage, and uplift.

Why I Do It:
Driven by a passion for history and a commitment to well-being, I believe in the power of stories to connect us and the transformative potential of breathwork to empower us. My mission is to infuse the corporate world with practices that not only boost productivity but also enhance the quality of life, drawing from the rich tapestry of Boston’s past to enrich our approach to mental wellness and corporate health.

Let’s Connect!
If you’re intrigued by the intersection of cultural storytelling and holistic wellness, or if your organization seeks innovative ways to promote employee well-being and productivity, let’s join forces. Together, we can navigate the path to a healthier, more motivated workplace, inspired by the lessons of history and the transformative power of breathwork.

Blending the wisdom of the past with the wellness practices of the present, we can craft a healthier, more productive future." – Jason Faulkner*