Summer Goes Straight To Hull

As summer begins its inevitable wane, we pay homage to the easily accessible beaches DOB types have long treasured. In their Golden Days, both Nantasket and Revere Beach were exciting honky tonks. Packed on any halfway decent summer day, beach boys and girls knew that right across the street at Revere Beach was the amusement park personified by the magnificent Cyclone. 

Not to be outdone, Paragon Park boasted its own rollercoaster known as The Comet! 


For good measure Paragon also offered a frightening gravity-oriented thing called the Rotor. Shaped like a barrel, "riders" would be pinned to the wall as the barrel spun and the floor dropped. Gravity and centrifugal forces were your friends as the thing whipped you around.


We are fortunate to be on the ocean and in the city at the same time. Summer may be fading but Nantasket and Revere Beach are good any season. The surf isn't always up at either spot, but just in case you're considering Tenean Beach, keep in mind there is NO surfin' in Dorchester Bay.

Photo by Kathy Chapman


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